Money Raised by "Team Forge": $8,416.80!
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Take a look at pix from last year's Half Marathon and 5K.

"Team Forge" will again be participating in the Door County Half Marathon & 5K at Peninsula State Park on May 7, 2016 to raise money for the new Blacksmith Forge and Metals Studio at The Clearing. In the past three years, the team has raised an incredible $19,000!

Our fundraising goal this year is a whopping $10,000. Yup, it's a lofty goal, but with your help "Team Forge" will give The Clearing's Forge project a big boost. Please help us meet our goal by making an online donation or pledge today!

Thanks again for your continued support everyone!

"Team Forge" Members
Erik (half)
Carolyn (5k)
Tammy (5k)
Glenna (5k)
Anka (5k)
Mary Ann (5k)
Melinda (5k)
Bruce (5k)
Mike (5k)
Cindy (5k)

p.s. It doesn't take a big donation either. Think about pledging $2 or $3 dollars per mile.(A half marathon is 13.1 miles.) 70% of last year's donations were $2 or $3 per mile. Every little bit helps!

p.p.s Interested in joining "Team Forge"? We'd love to have you running, walking or cheering by our side on May 7th! Get on board by giving Erik a call at The Clearing.


THANK YOU! The following individuals are proud supporters of the 2016 Team Forge!

Bill & Heather Andersen
Kevin & Teresa Grant
Stephen & Julia Chomeau
Gladys Austgen
David & Betty Chomeau
Mitchell Judith
Robert & Barba Wahl
Bob & Carolyn Kimbell
Jean Barrett
Giovanna Deschler
Martha Newkirk
Jill Kulczyk
Henri & Patricia Chomeau
George & Linda Carey
Thomas & Elizabeth Young
Len Blumenthal
Lainie Marshall
Denise Arzberger
Tim & Sue Stone
Tom & Sue Alt
Charles Mead
Siobhan Drummond
Susan Fiore
Phil & Audrey Waitkus
Jaynne Seeburger
Jim & Barb Sherwood
Meg Vermillion
Ted & Nancy Laitner
Christine Bridenhagen
Ricky McWorter
Julia Cosgrove
Gisela Gasior
Gretchen Maring
Mary Langill
Roy & Bunny Sheahan
Bev Blietz
Windsor McCutcheon
Carol & Dick Heil
Diane Dempsey
Barbara Schrank
Jenni Stultz
Beverly Schulze
Rhonda Robinson
Yvonne Tyson
Gloria/Ron Dougherty/Klimatitis
Gail Schneider
Michael Schneider
Jane DeWitt
Jenn Gaddes
Phil & Marilyn Hansotia
Lon & Mary Rademacher
Walt & Elaine Naleway
Lou & Daniele Covotsos
Mike & Annette Jelen
Bruce & Melinda Schaufer
Linda Nelson
Rob Davis
Laurie Murphy
Gerry Tool
Pam Langan
Sue Zingshun
Stefan Peters
Mary Hurney
Mary Warner
Jim & Joanne Musiel
Gary Gudex
Doug Peterson
Margaret Botchie
Annelies Gebert
Gloria Zucaro
Beth & Curt Coleman-Wessel
Richard & Sally Werling
Mary Jo Balistreri
Lois Finn
Vicki Uslabar
Mark Southard
Terry Zielke
Joan Powers
Janet Pohl
Joann Dittmer
Maria & Mike Zurn
Mark Blagec
Kathleen Conrad
Mark Steinhardt
Mary & Roy Thilly
Sandra Hand
Steven & Maia Lewis
Nita Herreman
Ken & Georgia Beutler
Sara & Thomas Frizelle
Dave & Marg Bultman