Taking a class at The Clearing is a wonderful and truly memorable experience, but not everyone can participate in a Clearing class every year. If you can't join us for a class this year, maybe you can join us for one or more of many special events planned for 2015. Below is a list of some of those events and activities. You can also view these and the entire Clearing calendar, including classes, by clicking the calendar link to the left.

Take a look. If a class isn't in your future in 2015, maybe one of our special events is!

Walk to WorkWeek Details

Walk to WorkWeek

September 30 - October 26
Evanston, IL - Ellison Bay, WI

Specifically, Walk to WorkWeek is a 27 day, 275 mile walk by one woman from Evanston, Illinois to The Clearing in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin. Conceptually, and more profoundly, Walk to WorkWeek is one women's adventure to slow down and observe and record the beauty of a world - a landscape - familiar to her, but from a distance and blurred from behind a windshield.

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The Clearing Speaks: COLORS of The Clearing

May 3 - October 24, 2015

The Clearing Speaks is a combination of two unique exhibitions celebrating both visual and written work inspired by The Clearing’s beautiful landscape, charming buildings and creative spirit. Initiated in 2010 to help celebrate The Clearing’s 75th anniversary, The Clearing Speaks gained instant popularity and quickly became an annual fund raising event.

Our theme this year (2015) is “Colors of The Clearing”. What Clearing colors inspire you? Firery red sunsets over the bay? Mossy green rocks along the trail? Or perhaps the frosty blue of wintertime shadows? The colors of The Clearing are infinite and ever changing. Clearing founder, Jens Jensen, encouraged his students to live at The Clearing for at least a year. In that way, they could fully experience and better appreciate this grand landscape as it moved through all four seasons.

Instructors, students and friends are invited to share their artistic interpretations and perspectives of color, the source of that seasonal beauty, through unique and inspirational works of art and writing. Check out the exhibit prospectus for full details.